Microgreens Have Taken Root at Black Hills Farmers Market

These are the tiny leaves and stems of a just-sprouted seed. We all know about sprouts, which are the same thing grown in a glass jar in the dark. But pathogens also grow in dark wet places, and sprouts are known to cause illness. So they’ve been replaced by microgreens, the tiny leaves of sunflower, radish, pea or other sprouted seeds grown in soil and sunlight. According to the USDA microgreen leaves contain about five times the nutrients of the mature plant. Microgreens can be used in salads, on sandwiches, and in a hundred other delicious ways. Next Saturday check in with Dale Casteel of DC Gardens, Mark Scholl of Happy Hydros, or Neal and Kristy Drury of Backyard Gardens and taste them for yourself.

written by Shirley Frederick

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