Black Hills Local Food Alliance

The Black Hills Local Food Alliance launched in January 2017. The alliance will incubate as a sister-effort of the Black Hills Farmers Market until January 2019, when the alliance will become an independent organization. The Black Hills Local Food Alliance seeks to unite local foods industry stakeholders in their pursuit of similar initiatives, including but not limited to food safety and processing, small ag development, new and disadvantaged producer development, hunger and food insecurity, nutrition education, consumer access, and food sovereignty.

The alliance promotes an open channel of communication between stakeholders, and will also serve as a public “face” for the industry by hosting a website with an exhaustive database of local foods and agriculture resources. The Black Hills Local Food Alliance hopes to become the first stop for interested community members to find the connections and information they’re looking for, and seeks to enhance public visibility by utilizing information booth opportunities at the Black Hills Farmers Market.


The Black Hills Local Food Alliance website will launch in March 2017.